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Picking a major is tough. Finding the perfect apartment near campus where you spend late nights studying and hanging out with your friends after a long day on campus does not have to be—with! is your guide for apartment hunting while you're on the go. Whether you're between classes searching for an apartment on your phone, tablet or laptop, solve your off-campus apartment needs by using as your guide. helps you find what you're looking for in a home away from home. Not only can you search for the latest must-have amenities, campus proximity and even affordability, For Rent University also provides you with parent resources, too! Your parents' peace of mind when seeing the living options you choose makes life away from "home" an easier transition for everyone.

Since we know college orientation can be long and somewhat overwhelming, we provide a Cliff Notes version of in the video above.

Student Apartment Search

Parents — Apartment Renting Tips for College-Bound Students is not only helping your college student find a place to live while away at school, but we have also created a new home of sorts for you. As current or future college parents, we invite you to put down roots on and dig into the timely and useful resources we provide to help your family plan, transition and acclimate to having a loved one living in an apartment near a college or university campus. This includes knowing the responsibilities and impact of being a guarantor; preparing for your child's move off-campus; safety tips; care package ideas; renters insurance information; and financial aid tips.

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You may encounter two different types of leases in your student housing search. A "joint lease" is the traditional lease that you're probably most familiar with. Some properties offer an "individual lease". The type of lease properties on For Rent University offer are clearly marked by color and icon, as illustrated below.

Apartment Type:

Individual Lease: The lease terms and conditions are set per person. You will share common living areas with roommates, but you are only respnsible for your personal lease agreement. Typical of roommate matching.

Joint Lease: The lease terms and conditions are joint and several liability. This is when two or more parties are equally responsible for the lease terms and conditions. All roommates are equally obligated to the lease agreement. Typical where you have your own roommates.

If you select 1 bedroom apartment +, you will receive search results that show one bedroom apartments and up.


Enter the maximum monthly amount you want to spend on an apartment. If you enter $400, your search will return apartments that are $400 a month and below.


Enter the distance in miles (anywhere from 0-15 miles) you want to be from campus.